Songkran 2013 – Chiang Mai / Wondrlust

By | December 4, 2013

Filmed during 3 days in the biggest Songkran Festival in Thailand. More on: / The water is to wash…

chiang mai

13 thoughts on “Songkran 2013 – Chiang Mai / Wondrlust

  1. GoPro

    Video of the Day – 5/2/2013

    Get drenched at the world’s biggest water fight, in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

  2. wartyboy777

    Must suck if you have Aquagenic urticaria

  3. chazflyz

    Throwing bacteria infested river water at each other? No thanks.

  4. tjbalpha47

    aw come on. yah gotta live a little man!

  5. PerthDriftScene

    er lol thats the cleanest water ive ever seen…..

  6. clownsmasher

    Wouldn’t jump in that soup if you paid me yuck!

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