Solid 4 Season Wall Panels

By | November 27, 2013

by Karen
(California, USA)

Solid Wood 4 Season Carvings

The attached file has a picture of the four season , what I believe to be from Thailand. The depth of the carvings is not obvious from the picture, but each solid wooden piece is about 3″ deep and each one measure somewhere around 18″ by 40″.

Can you tell me how I can appraise these pieces? I am in California and I am liquidating an estate. I have searched for 4 seasons hand carvings, but have not found the heavy/thick carvings such as this one. Most I found are thin teak.


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Solid 4 Season Wall Panels

Value Of Wood Carvings
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Karen

Many thanks for making contact, yes, it looks like the carvings are from Thailand, the style is similar to other designs I have seen locally.

Based upon your dimensions if the carvings were new they would be valued at around $100-$125 each, the only two variables being if they are of exceptional quality carving or are antique they would be worth more……however the Thai?s are exceptionally good at making new carvings look old!, so my original thoughts on realistic price are your best bet.