Singapore – A Kaleidoscope of Cultures

By | October 6, 2013

by Ajay Kumar
(New Delhi, India)

Singapore Tour

Singapore Tour

Being one of the hottest and most visited tourist destinations in Asia, Singapore has excellent tourism facilities. Be it the island of Sendosa, which is a tourist haven by itself or the numerous amusement parks, there are only a few places that beat Singapore in tourist potential. A comprehensive Singapore package can help you experience the beauty and charm of various flavors of Singapore.

However, what is most striking about Singapore is the potpourri of culture. The country was under Malay kings before being handed over to the British. Settlers from major south Asian countries such as China, India and Srilanka have made major contributions in molding the culture of the place. In Singapore, you will find celebrations all round the year, which spring from traditional festivals of different ethnicities that co-exist in perfect harmony.

In Singapore, you will find the best shopping experience. Being an international tourist destination, the country houses every international brand of the world. In addition, you can also shop for some locally made handicrafts and mementoes to take back home. Owing to its strategic location the land has grown into being one of the busiest junctions forinternational flights and transits and tourism is a major industry here.

If you travel beyond the extensive urbanization in Singapore, you will be met with charming countryside that revel in their simplicity. A trip to these tranquil places makes your holiday in Singapore complete. You can visit beaches, wildlife and bird sanctuaries and a number of historic structures of archeological eminence.