Siam Bangkok – A Guide of What to Do around Lub d Siam Square

By | December 7, 2013

For a map and description of everything to do in Siam, Bangkok, and Lub d Siam Square click this link – Siam, is one of th…


23 thoughts on “Siam Bangkok – A Guide of What to Do around Lub d Siam Square

  1. Mike JP

    This is a great place to visit. Always make sure to stop by at least a
    couple times (usually more as my wife loves the shopping!) when we’re in
    Bangkok. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  2. Mark Wiens

    Hey Juline, I’m the same way too, I get lost, so I just follow my Thai wife
    and luckily she knows her way around all those malls! Thanks for watching!

  3. Mark Wiens

    Hey Yzabel, it is an amazing location!

  4. Mark Wiens

    Hey Foxy, honestly I have no idea. I’m a Christian, so at the Buddhist
    shrines I just watch and observe!

  5. Mark Wiens

    Hey, thanks a lot. If you think they are helpful and useful, I’ll
    definitely do more of them in the future, thanks!

  6. Mark Wiens

    Hey, most of the malls don’t allow filming inside, so I haven’t done much,
    I was filming once and the security shuts you down pretty fast. If I can, I
    will though! Ha!

  7. Mark Wiens

    Hey, thanks, I haven’t been inside there, but seen it many times for the

  8. Nurhasanah Nasution

    really hate this vclip..that’s makes me want to go back to bangkok..really
    love bangkok so much..especially for Lub’d siam…hiks..hiks…I want go
    back ther…


    You always have good information, Mark! But I can’t believe I’ve been
    missing the 4D? Theater at Siam. Might have to also check out that love
    temple too.

  10. kriel

    I’ve stayed at Lub D, but it’s at Silom road. it’s a great place to stay
    too. watching your videos make me feel like wanna go back to Bangkok again.
    great video Mark. good job:)

  11. Christian Sorge

    This is a wonderfull Place in Bangkok for shopping, sightseeing and other
    things! Thank you for this video. This is a beautiful memory of the
    vacation. I hope you make more video’s of Thailand. I like this. Best
    Regards from Chris / Germany

  12. Michael Norris

    Great video I enjoyed some of your clips. Im going there in Febuary 2014
    cant wait. I will be travelling by myself 🙂

  13. Visanu K Nelson

    Thank you so much to suggesion my country. If anyone come and visit here,
    im pleasure suggest you too. From a little guy in Bangkok, Thailand.

  14. Thasarina

    Actually I am from Samut Prakarn – a province next to BKK, but I do live in
    BKK for long time 🙂

  15. Damien Abrams

    HEy mark, did you take the boat to the arts and culture center? where do
    you get off?

  16. Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok

    Great Video on a few things to do whilst in Bangkok!

  17. Chaiwat Ruangchaipaksiri

    บางที่ผมยังไม่เคยไปเลยครับอยู่กทมมาสามสิบปีละ รู้สึกอายเล็กครับ

  18. tiplada t

    i stay in Bangkok almost 10 year(since i studied in university) but i think
    u know Bangkok much more than me that so sad

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