Shopping Chiang Mai

By | November 30, 2013

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO*** Chiang Mai Shopping. Let us take you out for a some virtual shopping therapy, today we’ll check out the top three shopping plazas …

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23 thoughts on “Shopping Chiang Mai

  1. Kat Anne

    I have been loving all your blogs so far from the trip! Looks like you two
    are having a blast!

  2. sadiejosiemom

    I’m amazed at how “westernized” they are. So far we’ve seen Burger King and
    Starbucks and the malls for the most part, seemed to look like what we have
    here in the states! Keep the videos coming! I prefer to see your adventures
    off the beaten path!!

  3. nssikin

    Its great to see you are having fun. Shorts n t-shirt are the norm in Asia,
    just b mindful if you are visiting any place of worship or anywhere further
    than the city centre. Just like anywhere in the world, there are some
    conservative people. Looking forward to your adventure vlog and always stay
    safe. 3 fm Singapore.

  4. mrmor26

    U look great in the skirt u should wear it more often

  5. Lawrn West

    The mall “under construction” was funny…yet still they sell…looks like
    the last mall was most or would be fun to go back to, and the “facial”
    store looked interesting too!!!

  6. Melissa Clark

    I was just wondering, is your MakeOut 2013 still going now that you’re on
    vacation? I hope not! Seeing as though you wont have the opportunity to buy
    some of this stuff locally where you live, you should splurge! 🙂 Thanks so
    much for doing these travel videos, they are so fun to watch

  7. xaviergracie

    Wow ur vlog is long now .. Love it 😉

  8. Emakemeup

    Thanks for sharing! Those malls did have some cute and unique stores.

  9. clarissaAnn

    Also, ALWAYS carry tissues on you because if you go off the main path, or
    to some outdoor markets, even restaurants, a lot of places don’t have
    toilet paper. especially the ones where you have to squat. Some places
    charge you for toilet paper. If you can you should visit the floating river
    market and my place to stay overnight was a floating hotel on a river in
    the middle of the jungle. Only way to get there was by boat. No
    electricity, and was able to pet and feed elephants with the local tribe

  10. Deniz Tasci

    If yo go back to Bangkok, visit the Siam Paragon shopping mall. It’s
    supposed to be the best in the world. xoxo

  11. thegolddustwoman

    No most if not all of those stores were owned by corporations such as
    watsons, tesco, etc. They are not locally owned. Its their choice where
    they want to shop of course I just think its sad when people go to another
    country and shop in a mall that is all owned by big businesses instead of
    supporting the local people and economy and actually getting a taste of the

  12. organized4ann

    Have you checked out Oriental Princess? They’re at Big C in Chiang Mai.
    High quality cosmetics. Boots (same chain as in the UK, but not as many
    products) is at Central Airport.

  13. Darlene Small

    Love to see what other side of world is like.. I’m like you loved the

  14. Kyrasable

    Haul comeing up anytime soon? im so curious about those makeup shops im
    sure you could find great goodies to try out! everything looks to cute im
    in love with little boutiques !

  15. datsun120J

    Most muslim girls wear covered attire all times, and this is only very
    obvious in south of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Thai girls are very
    fashionable and tend to emulate the Korean popstars a lot, that’s why you
    see a lot of little shorts and dresses which the Korean girls favor. The
    rule of thumb is you must cover up conservatively when you visit a place of
    worship anywhere in Southeast Asia as a sign of respect. Otherwise, feel
    free to wear tank tops and shorts to beat the humid weather

  16. TommyAkirakun

    2 more mall will open in chiangmai at the end of this year it’s the Biggest
    mall in north Thailand call Central Festival Chiangmai the other one is
    MAYA shopping mall upper class chopping mall and 1 more open next year it’s
    call platinum a hold sale cloth store same as the platinum Bangkok .if you
    like mall tour next year it’s gonna be fun

  17. Kayla Bayla

    If you guys come to Japan there are a ton -even more adorable- sweet shops.
    I love getting the donuts with cat faces on them, or the ones shaped like
    turtles! :p

  18. eveyluvvs

    I love Watsons!! I always go there when I’m in Hong Kong

  19. munidino

    HappyCow has 69 vegetarian restaurant listings for Chiang Mai including
    Samathan Thip 2 at Central Airport mall.

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