Sex in Thailand

By | November 21, 2013



22 thoughts on “Sex in Thailand

  1. gon con

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    ever seen fall in love with him because he ran the Cupid Love System
    (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I was joyful for him but I wish an
    eye-catching individual would fall in love with me. I am totally green with
    envy. Does that make me a lousy individual?

  2. Danuka Pathirana

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  3. WT Hendrix

    I would consider a Thai girl in a minute after the direction my country has
    taken. I like one comment here. Guy gave good advice. Stay away from the ”
    bar girls”. Find a girl from the country. And be happy? Might just do it.
    Amazing that anyone would think picking up women in bars is good idea for
    marriage. Hmmm. Thai wife? Something to really think about.

  4. Mrsinister Yups

    look up thai i.q’s, youll see why Thailand isn’t china no will never ever
    be yet youll also see why Chinese thai ruins Thailand, the thais are folk
    idiots with some enjoyable whore charm.

  5. Mrsinister Yups

    sorry your mom was like 8 dollars back in the day

  6. none

    they’re not all prostitutes.. I know several who are just normal girls and
    not hookers. They are not poor jungle girls though… they’re higher up in
    terms of having an education etc…

  7. dadsrag

    It blows my mind that in the age of the internet and easy access to
    information about Thai bar girls, that foreigners still send them money to
    “keep them out of the bars.” These chumps are beyond pathetic. The comments
    saying foreigners are taking advantage of the Thai girls? You have it
    backwards. That said, there are millions of lovely Thai women that don’t
    work in the sex trade. Most tourists will never meet them. So, in a sense
    these match-ups are destined from the get go.

  8. Mike Smith

    i think some or many at least the ones who are making a lot of baht are
    having a blast doing what they are doing, no pun intended

  9. Mike Smith

    the fact that they are sex slaves is quite misleading, and also it’s a myth
    that they desire to be saved by a Farang, men who think that are called
    “Captain Save a Whore” , they use Western men for their money obviously,
    and the Western man uses them for companionship and sex, but more times
    than not their is a Thai husband or BF in the shadows. You as a farang are
    not even in her top 5 list of priorities

  10. Mike Smith

    they are quite shrewd and street wise with money, real business women,
    unless they are new and naive. If you are not careful and don’t play your
    “cards” right they will take you for everything you have. It happens a lot.

  11. Mike Smith

    yeah you right the overseas boy friend feels “sorry ” to some exent for
    their predicatment, and wants to be a “Captain Save a Whore” so to speak, I
    got that phrase from Scott Mallon. Yes they are a chump for providing
    money. But Thai women are charming and its very easy to see why the chump
    would provide money to the girl who probably gave him the best experience
    of his life

  12. john yoon

    If a white sex tourist comes to thailand im gonna cut off there dick and
    shove it up there ass

  13. Inkubus

    All these women are golddiggers and don’t know what real love means, Thai
    women are disgusting.

  14. Eric E.

    Having spent some time with a few bargirls and massage girls I observed
    they tend to spend everything to cope with their low self esteem. in plus
    they will give money to their families, lend money to their friends, buy a
    nice dinner for their colleagues, get a new haircut, go around shopping,
    new iPhone, new whatever.

    A fool could give them 1 million dollars and they would waste it in a few
    weeks, but if you ask them think to be very smart and who can blame with
    all those suckers overpaying and sponsoring ?

    If you are stupid enough to marry a Thai hooker, then you’re fucked.

  15. Sararat Saechua

    anyone who thinks all thai women are the same is a BIG CUNT and doesn’t
    have a brain to think.

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