Seafood in Chiang Mai Town Night Market,Thailand

By | November 26, 2013

Anusarn Night Market is located near the bottom end of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar on Chang Khlan Road, open to midnight every night. Good Seafood restaurant…

chiang mai

6 thoughts on “Seafood in Chiang Mai Town Night Market,Thailand

  1. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    for sure. I miss the food so much!

  2. Lost & Found Travel

    Great footage. I hear ya on the “third party content” – I’ve got some BKK
    footage that’s got constant 80’s music in the back that keeps getting

  3. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    Thanks. This night market is well worth a visit. I popped over to your
    channel very impressive a sub is on the way. yeah it’s a a joke 3rd party I
    see some people manage to upload whole songs. oh well good luck to them but
    pain for the rest of us lol

  4. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    and the ladyboy cabaret has been removed now!

  5. Lost & Found Travel

    Yup. The worst I’ve seen is a guy will a million views of an “Elmo” dancing
    in Vegas to LMFAO. Ads running and everything. Subbed back – glad you
    commented and I came back – you’ve got everything I like to watch. Will add
    you to my channels section.

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