Scenes from Silom Road’s whistleblowing protest in Bangkok

By | December 5, 2013 Thousands of Thais gathered on Silom Road in Bangkok on Monday Nov. 4 to symbolically blow whistles at 12:34PM signaling their opp…


6 thoughts on “Scenes from Silom Road’s whistleblowing protest in Bangkok

  1. webdoodlenet

    Wow, great video. Keep it coming! I’ve been hearing about it from friends
    in Bangkok for a couple days, its nice to see what they are talking about.
    International news is silent.

  2. James Bos

    Both AJE and RT had reports on it last night. Also saw something on BBC the
    other day. Whilst it wasn’t too in-depth, it was still reported
    nonetheless. Apparently tomorrow is “D-Day” and I need to drive in to
    Bangkok tomorrow also!

  3. Gavin Golden

    Thanks for the video! You don’t need that much shadowing on your watermark

  4. paul erricson

    i hate that dump colour supporters, what you see here is ex yellow shirts
    democrats supporters at the moment try to use the idea of a amnesty bill to
    change the power and overtrhrow the govermant, NON of that people RED or
    YELLOW even understand that there is laws protect politicans are corupt and
    that they need to change the law first for have a better country, democrat
    or phua thai they are all criminals in the end, people want be in charge
    for be rich – not for serve the country, if thai people understand this and
    change the law there is a chance for peace, now people want give another
    party the power and this gives them the feeling of they change something,
    in the end all keeps the same, i bet abisit and thaksin are best friends
    and laugh their ass of about this dump thais are so easy to manipulate´╗┐

  5. paul erricson

    everyone support any mob such show they are dump, eay to manipulate, they
    dont udnerstand its not the party, its the politican and the law protect
    them, its the low education, its many problems make this mess – thai
    politicans must be countable for actions, if you do wrong, if you steal
    tax, go to jail, now they all give a shit and steal cause the law protect
    them, realise this and thailand is a BIG STEP FUTHER, if you support now
    any side you such change NOTHING, they want you feel you change something,
    dont me so fuckin retard and belive this games – thai people should use the
    power of voting and the power of collect signs to make the constitutional
    curt work IN FAVOR OF THAI PEOPLE, this never happens´╗┐

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