Scam City Bangkok

By | November 27, 2013

I not have right in this film. This film belong to National Geographic (UK). Use for education only.


24 thoughts on “Scam City Bangkok

  1. Phantom .Requiem

    please do speak from your previous mistakes and not just a stereotype you
    females seem to allow you misjudge a fair portion of men/ boys as it is
    proven that women are just as bad as men…

  2. Sophie Von Baphomet

    Naw. “Typical white guy” pissed me off. Like, whatever your race is isn’t
    perverted. It’s not a negative thing. This pretentious sack of shit was
    trying to be racist. We’re all perverse, ain’t nuffin wrong with that. Ugh
    your grammar..


    it appears quite safe to visit, except for maybe sexually transmitted
    diseases, the scams are easy to spot, and generally it must be much safer
    than say Mexico where they don’t scam you, they kill you right away for
    your camera, or kidnap you. It appears that Asia has no more scams than
    some corrupt European countries, things such as misleading price menus at
    bars and restaurants is nothing new

  4. Lyra Parks

    What defines a typical guy? I mean that as a real question, not a sacarstic


    I love how he plays along with the scam. What terrible scams.

  6. Little Willy Maggot

    WHITE Monkey Maggots KKK.. Kill em, Kill em, Kill em. Muahahahahahahaa !!

  7. giounds

    “$2 tuk tuk ride”. You overpaid. To get scammed, you can get a 30 cent ride
    (“ten baht for two-hour sightseeing tour”).

  8. microbusman

    had almost exactly the same thing happen to me before. random guy who
    speaks really good english ‘bumps into you’ at a temple that a tuk tuk
    driver takes you to. they’ve used a variety of excuses for the ‘sales’…
    9/11, asian monetary crisis, SARS, etc. in my case after 30 seconds I
    realized that I had no idea how to spot the difference between a $10 piece
    of jewelry and a $1000 piece of jewelry so i quickly realized that there’s
    no way to tell if you really were getting any deal.

  9. PhilthyMr

    Smart guy to leave the gem shop quickly. You might have never left the
    police station. You were lucky dude.

  10. T1mm0s

    Replace “gem shop” by “tailor” and you have another example. Only 20 Bath
    for a Tuk Tuk ride, but you have to enter a tailor not of your choice. We
    were with 4 people and told the driver that we wouldn’t buy anything,
    because we already had suits from a different tailor. So we entered the
    shop, and after 5 minutes we left. The belt were not from real leather and
    so forth anyway. Then we got off but the driver stopped after 50 meter and
    we had to leave the Tuk Tuk. In your face, scammer!

  11. sangmai123

    I’m a Canadian and THai– Dual Citizen, those guy who direct tourists to
    those places because the owner of the store will give them a free fuel or
    cash if a tourist buy something..

  12. themontaukboys

    I didn’t know James Franco was a tuk tuk driver. That boy is so

  13. MithunOnThe.Net

    Hope the tuk tuk driver at the end wasn’t harmed.

  14. muk bee Hanti

    i hand been charged bht 4500 fo 20 minits boat ride at floating market feel
    very upset and angry,when im landed from the boat,i talk to a group of
    tourist just coming not to take the boat ride they scam,serve you right the
    scammer im the winner of the day

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