Roti Street Vendor – Thai Food – Temple of Thai

By | December 7, 2013

A roti (or rotee) street vendor prepares a plain roti for a Thai school boy. The roti dough is expertly thrown into the flat roti shape ready for the hot pla…

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Roti Street Vendor – Thai Food – Temple of Thai

  1. kuchinarai

    Actually they empty a bottle of soft drink into a bag, so the can add ice

  2. thlman

    In my experience, men are much better at making rotee than women.

  3. Gem Nishimura

    in my country indonesia we call that is “martabak telor”

  4. makaihime

    I cannot with people and their hygiene or should I say their ‘lack of’
    hygiene lecture in these street food videos. Lets be real here, its street
    food. You pretty much eat at your caution with these things. I grew up
    eating these and so did hundreds of millions of other kids/adults. If you
    can’t handle food being prepared in these types of environments, then go
    sit your ass down on a fancy grade A restaurant chair and leave us be.

  5. linlin55

    just imagine what your teenagers do to your hamburgers at fast food joints.
    just because your stomach isn’t strong enough for real flavored food you
    have to go and mouth off about hygiene. standards are different in each
    country, just because thais don’t follow american standards of food hygiene
    that doesn’t make it unsafe to consume. i’d rather enjoy thai street vendor
    food rather than eat a plate of fries and steak that’s been injected with
    hormones or god knows what shit to make it ‘safe’.

  6. x1341x

    it’s different from martabak telor. martabak telor use stuffings. this one
    just like crepes with milk and sugar.

  7. davedaud

    there is no way martabak telor use milk cream in indonesia, which part of
    indonesia you living ? LOLLLLLLL (LIE)

  8. itscrazybilly

    This food is so dirty waaahhh wahhhh I’m a weak american and I will die if
    eggs touch raw chicken lol

  9. Sultan Tryndamere

    Man, just the smile on her face make the day all wroth it.

  10. MonkeyAndGiraffe

    unlike u, i dont like having greasy hands and being unable to touch
    anything without soiling it.

  11. StatisticalGamer

    So many first world bigots here… Seriously, stop making us look bad and
    kindly stuff it. You know nothing about food and how well off you are.
    These street foods from all over the world are perfectly fine… and you
    don’t have to hate on all of these videos and spread your ignorance.

  12. Ryan Supak

    The “rude people” are just trolling. They probably don’t even strongly hold
    the opinions they’re stating. They just want to make people angry (and the
    reason they keep doing it is because they succeed.)

  13. colin king

    Having just spent a month in Thailand just want to say i loved the food and
    the people were so happy and always smiling.cant wait to go back

  14. idontlikebadjokes

    hahhahaha the boy is so adorably funny. “i’m on a diet.” aroy mak na ka!

  15. YOipitydafool

    I spent 3 months in Chiang Mai Thailand, Thai people are incredibly clean &
    hygienic second only to the Japanese….

  16. Joanne Taiwan

    among all the Asian countries? Japan is number one and then Thailand?

  17. serratop

    If you’d know how much dirt you eat in América you wouldn’t touch any food

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