ROCK BAR KOH SAMUI – Official Video 2013 – With Thai Reggae Music

By | December 5, 2013

koh samui

14 thoughts on “ROCK BAR KOH SAMUI – Official Video 2013 – With Thai Reggae Music

  1. Capa44

    Hayaman, please, what’s the name of that group and song? 🙂 Jah bless!

  2. bob smith

    love koh samui. been there and done that. band is called job2do . was

  3. raiwasaad

    ร้านนี้เค้า เมาจริง

  4. fafieu

    thanks, anyone know the title of the song “love love love love..” played at
    the rock bar?


    how far is it from Chaweng beach… and is it difficult to get there by

  6. Skalmans750

    Love that place… soon the russians will find it, then its lost.

  7. Zoka Vujano

    rock bars, we’ll see you in 5 weeks!!!……can not wait….Time passes too

  8. bossnigga123

    its in lamai , exactly hinta hinyai or how its called^^

  9. Derek Baird

    I have been coming to lamai for the last 5 years & never been to the Rock I will be Back 11 feb 14 I will come check it out…..GREAT

  10. GamerLostTheGame

    The lizard that the man got tattooed on his arm represents finding true
    love… Normally it would be on the right hand side of the neck though.

  11. Young Yanni

    One of the best places I’ve been so far Thank you so much guys Great

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