Riding An Elephant

By | May 13, 2013

by Rick Fettersley
(Hertfordshire, UK )

L'Homme Elephant

L’Homme Elephant

When I went to Thailand with my wife, we decided to go and ride an elephant. We got in a taxi and went to the Sampran Elephant Grounds which is located approximately one hours drive west of Bangkok.

Special thanks need to go to the Michelin guidebook for recommending such a place.

The curator was none too displeased and was happy to show us aboard his four ton animal. As it walked, the swaying motion reminded us of aship. Me particularly as I worked aboard a few ships as a sailor in mybachelor days.

The elephant pitched and danced and lurched around but gently and not so much as to be uncomfortable. It was a novel experience and we should have expected as much riding on such a large animal.

Riding on a horse is equally shaky.
It was a good time. I will always remember riding an elephant. If only my friends back home could see me, I thought at the time!.