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By | June 5, 2014

Thailand Corporate Finance Forum Page 3 INTRODUCTION Revenue Authorities (Revenue Department and Customs Department) increasingly conducting inspections

Affairs, Thailand Revenue Department 1.30 Lunch 2.30 TRANSFER PRICING: The growing acceptance of the arm’s-length principle † Japanese enforcement focus: changes in comparables policy and adoption of most appropriate method rule

Thailand: New requirements to report revenue and expense Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) • When a contracting party files its annual income tax return, the Thai Revenue Department may take the revenue

The principal tax law in Thailand is the Revenue Code, which governs three main categories of taxation: corporate income tax, value added tax (or specific business tax), Revenue Department, the existing personal income tax rates will apply.

Guidelines for Using the Thailand Tax Calendar and Relevant Tax The Revenue Department encourages all taxpayers to file their tax A branch of a foreign entity that sends a sum representing profits out of Thailand shall withhold income tax, and at the same time file form Por

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Website: tax consulting services and assist in the preparation of income tax returns for U.S. Thailand 83130 Website: 9. Capital Tax & Accounting Services, LTD Tel: 03-4530-9755

Income Tax Liability for a Resident of Thailand receiving Pension deemed a resident of Thailand for tax purposes in that particular tax year Norwegian tax authority a Certificate of Residence issued by the Revenue Department of Thailand together with his Norwegian tax return and other

The Department of the Treasury and will be submitted separately to the Senate Committee on Foreign in Thailand: the income tax and the petroleum income tax in the case of Thailand, under the Revenue Code, and under the Petroleum Income Tax Act.

Revenue Department permits separate tax filing by married couples Association of Thailand, An exemption from income tax, value added tax, specific business tax and stamp duty for income

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