Retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | December 31, 2013

by Subhash C. Kapahi
(Wilton, California, U.S.A.)

The Stunning Temple Bells at Wat Doi Suthep Temple

The Stunning Temple Bells at Wat Doi Suthep Temple

I am a visitor from the U.S.A, I have a Thai wife and would like to spend around 5 months a year in Chiang Mai, please suggest the best options for me, with a view to fully retiring there within a few years.


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Retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand
by: Kevin (Administration)Hi Subhash

Many thanks for your questions regarding spending extended periods & then eventually settling in Chiang Mai, my recommendations would be as follows:

* you need to ensure that you actually like the city sufficiently to want to settle down here, it is well connected, you can be in Bangkok in a hour & on the beach in Phuket in two hours by plane.

* the city is becoming quite modern & progressive, you have all the facilities & communications of Bangkok, but without the pollution & pace of life!.

* you need to spend lots of time wandering around the city, meeting the locals, getting to know the city layout.

* there is plenty of choice in terms of Accommodation in Chiang Mai dependant entirely upon location & hotel quality.

* you need to get out into the suburbs to think about where you would like to live, Chiang Mai is a great city, I only live approximately 5kms from the city center, but it’s in the countryside, with ricefields & jungle as my neighbours!.

* living out of the city center is also considerably cheaper than in the city center, Chiang Mai is heavily into tourism now, so expect to pay “tourist prices” for everything as soon as you hit the city center!.

* you will need a hire car to get around & explore there are several companies in Chiang Mai, I would recommend North Wheels as being a good reliable source of hire cars.

* if you feel that renting a house would be a better option for you rather than staying in a hotel for your initial visits, I would recommend you make contact with Chiang Mai House ,Jasmine Homes is another company that specialises in house rentals & finally House in Chiang Mai all three of these companies has excellent reputations for both rental & purchases.

* as with most other places in the world location is the key driver to rental costs, however if you rent outside the city you will find good developments where you will be able to rent part / furnished houses from 12,000thb/month($365/month) anywhere up to 50,000thb/month ($1,500/month). you can of course try & organise the renting directly with the owners, but to be honest the security of dealing through the agents is a much better route.

* there are a huge number of new developments under construction currently & many more due to be started within the next 12 months, so there is no shortage of really good renting options, but please don’t rush therenting, as you need to get a good feel for the location before you commit.

Retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand – Addendum
by: Kevin (Administration)* one important benefit you have over many others who consider to Retire to Chiang Mai is that with having a Thai wife, things get done & more cheaply, you will also find networking & meeting other locals much easier.

* the other area you will benefit from with having a Thai wife will be the Retirement Visa for Thailand which again is just much easier to acquire & manage than for purely Western couples.

I hope we have been able to help you with the answers provided, if you have more specific questions or queries, we are always happy to try & help.

Best Wishes


yes you can retire in Chiang Mai
by: AnonymousIf you have about $500, I think you can survive. Better if you have $1000 a month income/pension.
You can eat/drink and enjoy Chiang Mai….

If you have money to invest, you can buy aChiang Mai House for sale and you can sell it for profit after 2 to 3 years..