Realistic Expectations of the Category 1 Rentals in Chiang Mai

By | December 4, 2013

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25 thoughts on “Realistic Expectations of the Category 1 Rentals in Chiang Mai

  1. meadowind

    I could live there easily. In fact except for a few upgrades as you
    mentioned it is much bigger and better than what I have now.If it also had
    a yard (even a small one) for outdoor cooking (mostly bbq and stir-fry
    foods) and just hanging around with friends I think it would me very well.
    Thanks J.C.

  2. MrWarpped

    JC , great video , That’s just what I’ll be looking for when I come over
    simple. But one question I always I forget to ask . What about waste – and
    trash disposal / please answer by my E-mail , member Warpped 39

  3. paella2012

    same style roughly in Philippines JC same range of price may be lower in
    provinces by 25% .This is ok with a small aircon and screen against the
    mosquitos .One Tv cable and one wireless internet and you live like a King
    with no more stress ,no more financial worries .You manage your retirement
    in heaven

  4. paella2012

    JC by the way Thank You so much to give hope to all future retirees in the
    world .Most of us we are simple people aspiring a quiet life among nice
    people and you show that we can afford in Thailand .Thank you JC you are


    On a budget of $500 to $1000/mo. you are not going to do better. For aprx.
    $166/mo. it’s an unbelievable deal. Personally, I would not need that much
    room but a very small house would suit me just fine. You have showed some
    one story houses in the past that are actually very nice. Problem with many
    Americans though is they want instant gratification and their standards are
    too high.

  6. Dor2177178

    hi JC this is a very important video as it shows what to excpect about Thai
    houses in category 1 one of the things i so hate in my homeland is that
    people excpect to pay a very low price and get a really lot for it ,so
    happy you showed them !! as allways please show more houses and it’s
    allways good to see a new video from you Doron

  7. Tmaczwl78

    So can you find me a mansion near the beach, with clean water, no noise,
    low humidity, snow, free food and drink, that comes with a maid?

  8. retirecheapjc

    Actually good point to address here. Trash pick up is daily and billed
    monthly for a couple dollars.

  9. bbaker777

    Can I add, regarding retiring in Thailand, that there is one aspect of
    Thailand that really can’t be explained or a price placed on it’s
    importance. The most absolute best thing about Thailand is it’s people.
    They are beyond compare. They are gracious, accommodating hosts. They are
    pleasant, patient and will help you any way they can. Thai people as a
    whole have a great spirit about them that can’t believe explained in a
    video. However, you sense it when you’re there.

  10. retirecheapjc

    Just don’t tempt people and you are fine. Also it depends where you live. I
    am very vocal about a few places in Thailand that I think people who want
    safety and security should avoid.

  11. coffeemeds55

    Thanks for the video JC, Where do I sign up, this is very much what I would
    be looking for. It would work very nicely for me. After some time living in
    the place one could add or change a few things and it would be very homey
    and very comfortable, wow! Good job!

  12. retirecheapjc

    I might move there to get away from my certified wacko neighbor I have now.

  13. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    Most people from Europa have the same high expectations about the standard
    vs. price as Americans. I will say that to a certain point, we are spoiled.
    I remember my childhood in the 60s in Norway. The standard was pretty much
    the same and even lower than the house in the video. So this is the way of
    get more life for less money. Just love it!

  14. Econ E

    25,000 to 100,000? There isn’t a single condo in Chiang Mai renting for
    100,000. High End 2 Br’s are advertised for 30,000 on the internet and if
    you go directly through the Juristic Person in the condo lobbies you can
    rent them for 10%-20% less. I’m renting a brand new 52 square meter 1BR
    condo with a sweeping unobstructed view of Doi Suthep, a swimming pool
    large enough to do laps, fitness room and mens and women’s saunas/changing
    rooms for 14,000 baht. A studio here rents for 8-9000 baht

  15. MrWarpped

    twice , I’ve watched now ,sure hope I can fined a nice Thai person to help
    me fined a place kind of like this when I come over

  16. retirecheapjc

    You must of missed my thank you video saying I was taking a short hiatus to
    take care of things I need to do. But I am still here! Will be back on the
    road very soon in our new RIPper Mobile!

  17. Peter Krychaluk

    Congrads on the car!!! I am a few years off retirement at 30YO but really
    enjoy your video’s, If i could find a way to earn 800-1000 a month online
    then i would be there in a flash!!! not so easy though. All the English
    schools want a teaching degree to work locally, hmm guess i am stuck here
    for a while longer!

  18. 1Aaronymous

    Man, I SO love the vids having to do with places to stay! To me, you can
    find a restaurant when you’re there by asking around and trying places out
    — but the month to month concern of a roof over one’s head is an
    incredibly compelling issue! I’m always excited when I see that what’s been
    posted has to do with a living situation! Thanks again!!!

  19. Eddie James

    I have stayed only in hotels but this next time I will look at renting and
    spend the savings on ??? So much to choise from:)

  20. dowhatuwill

    Good video. Glad you haven’t “passed away.” LOL You’re way too healthy for

  21. Kaoss Comkaoss

    Hi CJ is there a name for the piece of furniture at 3m,14s.I find it very
    beautiful..? is it long enough to be used as a bed for a man 6f thanks for
    all your vids

  22. Rebecca Smith

    I will stay at the Marlin Residence for months! Thank you so much!

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