Problems with ATM’s in Thailand

By | August 22, 2013

by Aileen Murphy

One armed bandits in Thailand!!

One armed bandits in Thailand!!

My daughter is visiting Thailand and is in Bangkok at the moment and is having problems Accessing Cash from the ATM’s.

It appears that the machines will only give the equivelant of €40.00 a day. I have contacted our bank here in Ireland and they say that the Irish bank has a limit of €100 in Thailand because of skimming, but that some banks in Thailand only allow €40.00 equivelant!!! This is kind of worrying as my daughter would prefer not to have to visit a bank every day!!

Do you have any information regarding this?


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Problems with ATM’s in Thailand

and don’t forget the charges
by: Anonymous

and you will be charged 150 bath extra for using a foreign card on top of the fees your bank already charges. I heard that only one back AEON may not apply this extra charge.

by: Anonymous

20,000 Baht is the limit the machine can dispense at any single time (about $625). Some smaller banks only allow 10,000 Baht a time for foreign cards. She can withdraw multiple times. Any other kind of limitation she may encounter is imposed by her own bank rather than banking/ATMs of Thailand.

Withdrawing against your credit card is possible but pretty steep fees usually apply.

(I’m a foreigner living in Bangkok)

Response to Visitor Questions
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Aileen

Many thanks for your questions.

The problem is with the Irish Bank that issued the credit / debit card – the ATM machines in Thailand are designed to dispatch a maximum of 20-25 notes per transaction, so the maximum withdrawable amount per transaction is between 20k-25k Thai Baht (approx Eu400).

Foreign banks generally are ALWAYS cautious of Thailand as credit/debit card fraud is so rife here, but as long as they are notified about a visit to Thailand generally are quite supportive & will adjust the limits accordingly. It might be worth making contact with them again & request an increase in the daily amount allowed, they should be able to do this.

What your daughter can also do if she wants to withdraw larger amounts less frequently is to visit the foreign exchange counter of any Thai bank armed with her passport & any other supporting identification documents she might have (airline tickets, debit/credit cards etc) and request a withdrawal against either credit or debit cards – there are fees & charges applicable for this service, but it is preferential to visiting the ATM machines every day!!.

I hope the above information has been of benefit to you, if you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards