Preparing for Your Thailand Adventure: A Travel Checklist

By | August 2, 2013

by Derrick Cruise
(Kokomo, Indiana, United States)

Travel Necessities

Travel Necessities

Travelers to Thailand should put careful effort into preparing for the trip, as the Thai culture will likely be radically different from the one they’re used to. To ensure they have all they need to make their Thailand adventure a comfortable one, careful attention to the must-bring items on this checklist is vital.

Update Your Shots – Few of us enjoy shots, but before traveling to Thailand, getting your boosters is a wise choice. Update your tetanus shot, get a rabies vaccine and consider a malaria inoculation, particularly if you like to err on the side of safety.

Get Travel Medical Insurance – While you certainly hope to not get injured or fall ill while out and about in Thailand, if you fail to prepare for that possibility you could find yourself facing sizable medical expenses. Consider signing up for a travel insurance policy with a provider like atlas insurance. Particularly when exploring natural landscapes or visiting cities where potential dangers are ever-present, taking out such a policy can prove beneficial.

Select a Phrase Book – The official language of Thailand is Thai. Though many individuals who work in the tourism industry do speak English, you’ll almost certainly run into those who don’t. Tuck a phrase book away in your bag to ensure that, should you encounter someone who doesn’t speak English, you have a tool to aid you in communicating effectively.

Pack Bug Spray – The pristine natural beauty of Thailand makes it a joy to explore, but it also creates the perfect environment for the proliferation of bugs. Take some mosquito repellent with you, particularly if you’re sensitive to sprays and have a preferred brand; you likely won’t be able to find your product of choice in Thai stores.

Select Warm Weather Clothing – Though you don’t want to make your trip to Thailand without a pair of pants and a sweatshirt, the bulk of the clothing that fills your suitcase should be lightweight and appropriate for warm weather. Pack shorts and t-shirts, along with comfy and broken-in shoes to ensure that you don’t overheat. Clothing is available relatively inexpensively at many Thai markets, so don’t worry about packing too much, you can always buy some while on your vacation.

Lug your Laptop – Most Thailand cafes offer Internet access. If staying connected is of importance to you, bringing your laptop with you is well worth it as you’ll almost certainly have ample access to the Web, allowing you to communicate with business associates or friends and family as well as post pictures from your travels.

Whether you intend to spend your days relaxing on the beaches of Thailand or hiking the lush terrain, you’ll likely find your trip more enjoyable if you’re adequately prepared beforehand. With proper planning, you can ensure your comfort and safety as you explore the sites that make Thailand such a beautiful and exciting destination.