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By | December 2, 2013

Plenty of nightclubs are around the island and some are better than the other one of those is Pink Lady 2002, more at: http://thailandnightlifephotos.blogspo…

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8 thoughts on “popular phuket night clubs

  1. Kennie MusicLovers

    This a real Thai beauty……a singer with a good vocals ! This is a MUST
    visit night club …The Pink Lady 2002 in Phuket Town….enjoy the show !
    Thanks for uploading Max !

  2. Mike Massino

    Max Meier, With all due respect, the title of your video is misleading.
    Pink Lady 2002 is not a nightclub for farang but rather Asian dudes.
    Moreover, it is located in a dark ratty place in Phuket City and is on the
    other side of the island from Patong. Farang nightclubs are on the west
    side of the island especially, but not limited to, Patong. Let’s not
    mislead newbies.

  3. Max Meier

    hi, where it is written that this is a nightclub for farang? I always write
    this is rather one for the Thai taste, this is NOT in a dark place just
    beside of the big lights of the biggest hotel in town, the Phuket city
    palace, did I ever say this is in Patong ???? I dont know why you tell all
    this stuff did you ever read anything? have you ever been there? etc. if I
    would be your teacher I would say > sit down > unqualified, something
    else?, who is interested in Patong pole jumps?

  4. Max Meier

    Pretty babes make the guys happy, who don’t want to be happy?

  5. 73split

    Some people that are farang are tired of hanging out with a bunch of drunks
    from there own country and would prefer to see how the

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