Phuket Thailand Food Episode: KelleeSetGo! The Travel Show

By | December 7, 2013

Kellee Edwards stops by an open air market to taste food in Phuket Thailand. Check out for more of her travel and adventure!

thai street food

21 thoughts on “Phuket Thailand Food Episode: KelleeSetGo! The Travel Show

  1. Mon Ton


  2. pailintia

    Love how he had no idea what she is saying and just nodding his head to
    whatever she says haha

  3. zebraman777333

    almost any meat on a stink in Thailand is great LOL

  4. acajudi100

    Love your videos, and I am making them also!

  5. EXwhat

    I agree. You’re adorable lol. Thanks for the video!

  6. Zulus Czaka

    wkurwiająca amerykanka albo jakas inna pizda

  7. phil grey

    i’m married with a thai woman,i can eat this food everyday!!!! thailand and
    his people are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. idontlikebadjokes

    i have never been to phuket but now i am very interested to go!

  9. JaOmai001

    hey hey hey!! Michonne!!!!! u are so bad to leaved ur friends just for get
    thai food here! Go back!! they need u!

  10. RumsyDumsy

    Of course she likes the chicken.
    Racist comment: check.

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