Phuket Nightlife Patong Beach

By | December 4, 2013

15 Minute walk down Bangla Road, Patong beach, Phuket at night.

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4 thoughts on “Phuket Nightlife Patong Beach

  1. nexwin1

    last year (2010) i was in phuket…. it was my greatest time… and the
    womans are so…. unbelievable 😉 believe me..! This year i will come back
    to phuket.. It’s a so nice place… (i know, my english is very terrible…
    sorry!) Hope you have a nive time..!

  2. Spongebob2188

    Hahahaha scheiße… 00:29 … is des ne Hitler-Maske ???

  3. mroracal

    Ive heard since the military coup the laws governing prostitutes has
    changed be careful if you don’t want to land in the shittest jails in the

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