Phuket Nightlife – April 2013

By | November 27, 2013

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21 thoughts on “Phuket Nightlife – April 2013

  1. johnny nielsen

    great video man 5 days i m on my way can wait

  2. Kennie MusicLovers

    Nitespots like Tai Pa and a few of the beer bars and agoago bars have lot
    so ‘ stray cats ‘ around…so becareful……if you want to take a girl out
    to your hotel…..made sure you just pay tyhe bar fine and not the price
    for the girl you negotiated.I don’t see many pretty girls along Soi Bangla
    beer bars notwithstanding those from the discos , agoago bars etc., Pattaya
    has a better spread of nice pretty girls..Thais , Europeans , and if you
    are lucky may see a few Japanesee young girls !

  3. chris hayes

    Beer Bar are boring…Go Go bar are much better!

  4. Kennie MusicLovers

    what the hell is she….on the middle of soi bangla ? looks too cheap ?

  5. Kennie MusicLovers

    Nicer girls in Pattaya ! avoid soi bangla if you can ?

  6. phil callaway

    haha love it!! they are playing the PATTAYA song. fuck phuket, tourist trap

  7. Chicagangbang

    I’m so confused right now. Not sure if they are real girls or men

  8. Haakon Olaisen

    Kangaroon Bar is a beer bar and not a place for picking up girls… they
    are however all girls since you were wondering.

  9. Mike Massino

    Which bar at the beginning? I don’t recognize it.

  10. Haakon Olaisen

    You mean the once across the road? Not sure… those bars have gone through
    a few owners/names over the years…

  11. Dylan Wright

    It’s called Honkey Tonk, it does 2 for 1 cocktails until 12 🙂

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