Phuket bangla road nightlife bar girls

By | November 27, 2013

Ambiance decembre 2011.

phuket bars

25 thoughts on “Phuket bangla road nightlife bar girls

  1. David Gibson

    ohh i now know where my next holiday will be boom boom

  2. David Gibson

    My mate peter cant wait to be in thailand in may,bum bum.

  3. cristobal marlon

    ukinamm!!!!!!!!!!!! ubeytttttt!!!!!

  4. cristobal marlon

    those sucks so nasty lots of men got hot with those tiny panties hahaha!!!
    fuckers!!! lolz

  5. cristobal marlon

    did they wash there panties? i think they didn’t so when you start to touch
    it it so sticky smell mmmmm (grows)

  6. Daani Mendes

    even if you don’t like thailady the make you crazy for them with ther sexy
    outfits an danceis ohhh myy!!

  7. sgrb11

    Shame 95% of these chicks have the frame and ass of a 10 year old boy

  8. outraged4U

    For more evidence on the increase in suspicious and secretive murders of
    tourists in Phuket and Thailand -key in ‘Multiple Farang Deaths in Phuket’
    on google.

  9. dimitrios piperidis

    opios den pige na mporesi na pai. ola ta lefta.

  10. GiftsySmile

    I’m Thai Girl !! ..Uhmmmm ..My country and Smile People Better than that
    .Sexy dance girl you can meet .everywhere….

  11. Mohamed Arman

    i cant help but think that those are all men……

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