Phuket bangla road nightlife bar girls .DECEMBER 2010

By | November 28, 2013

BANGLA ROAD PHUKET .DECEMBER 2010 Phuket bangla road nightlife bar girls.

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25 thoughts on “Phuket bangla road nightlife bar girls .DECEMBER 2010

  1. Cameron Parrett

    you are a loser for filming people when they are gesturing for you to go
    away, don’t you get the hint when someone covers their face that they don’t
    want you to film them!!! are you stupid??? if the thais were not so polite
    they would tell you to “fuck off”


    The guy filming is from Japan? Didnt know Japanese speak that retarded
    English. I bet the guy filming isn’t getting any pussy in his home country.

  3. pretorious700

    Ah, Bangla Road, been there many times, always a lot of fun.

  4. ty power

    hahaha us too, see you there dude (.Y.)

  5. findernmafia

    Video recording is not illegal everyone does it on holiday if this was me
    recording and u stepped to me tryin to smash my camera u would get fucked
    up quick big boy then ill film myself kickin the shit out of you lol. Give
    the guy a break.

  6. lukeyt90

    it is. this blokes in paton which is a biger city in phuket, 90% of phuket
    is nice and quiet.

  7. Jack Brainard

    I am glad to see a lot of comments on here about how these girls are just
    trying to survive and would starve. The few I have met are very respectable
    and have high morals, just need someone to get to know them well. I have a
    Thai GF live most the year in Chang Mai.

  8. Tony John

    How come those NIGERIAN baby machines are always pregnant when they are so
    fucking ugly ? Maybe we can send em all to thailand in a swap and have all
    these thai birds here? I think a nigerian would starve to death in
    thailand. No job, no benefits, no council flat and fuckin ugly. I mean, who
    would pay them for sex ? Instead come to britain , breed and fill up the
    place. For some reason the uk now has 62 million people, I cant imagine
    why. Can the last labour gov be put on trial for treason?

  9. Barry West

    So, every white woman breeds with another from another race, not at all!
    Half the England team aren’t black and even if they were all black, this
    wouldn’t reflect their numbers in the country! Islam won’t take over
    because they’d have to dominate and force others to follow, but we live in
    a country with a group of races and religions, unlike their own countries
    which they dominate! This is why they can never take over in any respect!

  10. leo patrk patrk

    cheap sex with extra aids/hiv services. ”Hurry up honey you like show me
    your wallet i like you long time i dont care you old bald ugly man I love
    you long timeee”

  11. Peter Uss

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  12. Stupcat kesha

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