Phone & Internet Problems from Chiang Mai?

By | September 29, 2013

by Donna R
(Langley, BC, Canada)

Is phone and internet service really bad in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Anyone there having issues calling home or using Internet cafes to Canada?

My friend has been traveling in the region since the 21 Jan 2011 and was able to use phones and some internet in Brunei the two weeks previously with clear phone and picture downloads, but since being in Chiang Mai has repeated problems phoning home to Canada to 3 different landlines.

Also has had email disconnect while composing lengthy email and cannot download pictures at all. He will be away for two more months. Please advise if you can.

Thanks, Donna

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Phone & Internet Problems from Chiang Mai?

Phone & Internet Problems
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Many thanks for your visit to our website & questions.

The telephone & internet generally in Chiang Mai is very good, yes like many developing countries it has it’s annoying moments!.

I run 20+ websites from my home in Chiang Mai, I use a “premium” package offered by Triple T which costs just over 2,000thb/month….this offers a high speed internet service that allows me to run my complete home wirelessly.

The problem I suspect at the internet cafes in Chiang Mai is that unless they are catering specifically for tourists the internet package they will use will be the most basic, which is suitable for playing games on & Thailand searches, but not a lot else!.

The landline telephones can sometimes be a little slow, particularly if you are using one of the discounted services, but the quality of the calls is usually pretty good.

Kind Regards