Paying for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

By | November 16, 2012

by Karlene

I am flying to Thailand in June for Cosmetic Surgery and have to pay for it directly after, how would I pay for this? should I bring the entire amount into Thailand in
Cash with me on my flight? Amount is roughly Australian $12000.00, is that safe? or what other options are there, as I do not have credit cards.


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Paying for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Paying for cosmetic surgery
by: Kevin(webmaster)

Hi Karlene

Many thanks for visiting our site and for your questions, personally I would recommend you contact the hospital that is carrying out the surgery, discuss with them that you do not have credit cards and ask if you can make payment directly through a direct bank transfer.

This really is the only safe method of payment, as bringing a pile of cash to Thailand would just be far too risky.

Kind regards