Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Original Mix)

By | December 5, 2013

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full moon party

25 thoughts on “Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Original Mix)

  1. StealthG6On18s

    He’s half the reason I listened to trance back in 1999.

  2. molonlave2010

    I’m with you, the uplifting is ok sometimes. But, I’m in the mood for this

  3. jack johnson

    been a fan since the early 90’s , loooove me some okenfold when im feeling picks me right up. btw planet perfecto podcast on itunes is the
    shit !!! thx paul!!!

  4. Aaron White

    look up techy trance, theres loads of it.

  5. Aaron White

    good to see someone got brains in here. try telling that to the other guys
    I argued with

  6. Harry Kelminson

    A year late, this sir is the sadly scarce genre of uplifting trance,
    something which was once blooming and is now in a shadow but still the
    greatest form of EDM of all time.

  7. TrevorDans

    Jordan Suckley playing this at Cream closing party @ Amnesia… the place
    went off!!! Fucking tune

  8. TrevorDans

    erm, this is no more house music as hip hop is to motown. sure, they may
    have the same roots, but to call trance music a subgenre of house is a
    pretty ridiculous thing to say

  9. Aaron White

    thank you very much, someone in these comments has sense lol.

  10. Aaron White

    you asked where is the sense? not in your brain, evidently.

  11. Aaron White

    I am not conceited. everything I said is backed by fact. look it up or be
    an idiot for the rest of your life makes no difference to me.

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