Pattaya Walking Street Girls Part 1 – Thailand Night Life

By | December 5, 2013

CLICK link to see Pattaya Walking Street Girls Part 1 – Thailand Night Life Night Scene video of the famous Pattaya Walking Stree…


24 thoughts on “Pattaya Walking Street Girls Part 1 – Thailand Night Life

  1. Ankit Nagpal

    Are they inviting in a bar or restaurant or for massage service?

  2. mrbooyeah

    good guys go to heaven , bad boys go to pattaya … if ya got a drinking
    problem don’t go , there’s like 10,000 bars … fun place every guy should
    go there once .

  3. jimmy walter

    Going to Pattaya is like going to supermarket after u get your salary..u
    enter, u choose,u pay and then u eat 😛 ( of course in Pattaya u eat first
    and then u pay) ahaha

  4. Twizted Dezign

    Wow. So many beautiful girls, and I can’t even get a GF here in the states
    thats not dirt ugly or a hamplanet. Fucking sucks.

  5. ThumbsUpBrah

    2:35 is that a ladyboy? prob best looking girl in the video lol go figure.

  6. Darron Rogers

    Guess i will b up for the pussy. I will be their sept 20tthh


    a mans index finger is shorter than his ring finger. womans index finger is
    longer than the ring finger.


    I have said many times before. Thailand is then LAND of Capitalism. Even
    Exchange. !!

  9. everythingislogical

    if u find someone really cute keepp her fuck her love her until ur
    satisfaction on contract basis

  10. Any Old Iron

    I love going there now I have 3 or 4 in my room at a time

  11. none

    who the hell was that strange white girl who came running out of the bar at

  12. zoo001able

    when was this taken cos it looks like low season? did u go to mixx disco?
    tanx for the vids great memories pattaya!

  13. p nut

    how do you know which bar/pub to go into? there are just too many!!

  14. Percy Shaw

    Thanks, I appreciate it! Great video here too btw thanks for posting 🙂

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