Pattaya Songkran Festival – Soi 7 Street Battle | Thailand HD Video

By | December 8, 2013

Visit my website at – walking from one end of Soi 7 to the other during Songkran can be quite a challenging experience. Please rate…

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14 thoughts on “Pattaya Songkran Festival – Soi 7 Street Battle | Thailand HD Video

  1. myworldyourmusic11

    I’m impressed..the only person who takes an umbrella! And who was calling
    “Wimp?” Those large tubs were water fortified and the ladies giving the
    peace sign after hitting their target were cool..the ice buckets were put
    to good use too..and you made it to the end of the soy..what a survival
    course!You live to get drenched another day.Fantastic!

  2. joelp63

    -it was, though I’m not too sure about the ice water poured down my back on
    at least 4 different occasions!

  3. joelp63

    -well as you could see at the end of the video, the umbrella was only
    brought along because I though it might rain!

  4. pjcrockett1

    What’s this occasion? Is it a holiday or something?

  5. joelp63

    -yes, but they will sneak up behind you while you’re holding the umbrella
    and pour ice water down your back! It happened to me 5 or 6 times.

  6. joelp63

    -this is the Thai New Year. The water splashing went on all week, which was
    ok because this is the hottest time of the year.

  7. keithlamontbraggs

    2013 was my first Sonkran festival ,i was there for all 7 days soaking wet
    ,it’s too much water for me. I got sick on the night of the 19th (which is
    the big night) because of it ,i was soak and wet and i went to a go-go bar
    where they had strong air conditioning along with my drinking cold drinks
    ,i got sick and went to my room and missed the big night ,if i go again i
    won’t be there for the full 7 days of it ,maybe just the last two (the 18th
    and 19th).

  8. joelp63

    -this was filmed on the 16th or 17th, 2013. My newest “Get High” video was
    filmed on the 19th, and you can tell because the roads are all jammed with

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