Pattaya Pattaya Song Pattaya Nightlife Thai Girls

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25 thoughts on “Pattaya Pattaya Song Pattaya Nightlife Thai Girls

  1. theravedaddy

    ahhhh pattaya! thank god for doxycycline…….and amoxycillin……..

  2. djguy100

    These women are gorgeous. Slim, great body’s, big smiles , friendly. Look
    at our western women, fat, lazy, drink more booze than the men, and
    generally don’t give a shit about anything.

  3. yourpattayaDotCom

    Get the bar girl report before yu go. Just Google “pattaya bar girls .pdf

  4. Константин Ермолаев

    and I was there, and there was drinking honey!!

  5. cutie bear

    I agree there are bad and good people everywhere , i’m thai people & love

  6. cutie bear

    I’m good people and i went to pattaya with my friends and my family for
    relax on my holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pattaya is a
    good place if you want to see beautiful beach .

  7. ThaiLadyDatingEvents

    Pattaya is a touristy place, people go their maybe for business and
    pleasure. But for whatever it is, it’s their prerogative to do so. Thailand
    is such a beautiful country. It’s not a hidden secret that some women do
    that for a living but then again who are we to judge. Above all there are
    decent women everywhere in Pattaya and Thailand.

  8. itchyfingers89

    cant trust girls in thailand cause you never know if they could be a tranny

  9. Adrian Foy

    In the UK we have an excellent benefits system But in other parts of the
    world there are no such luxuries!!!! I have been to Thailand and what a
    stunning COUNTRY I can vouch the people are lovely and most of the girls
    only do this to feed their family as most Thai men leave there women and
    kids and move on !!!! So what do the girls have to do then???? Feed the

  10. IzzualYamakawa

    I wanna visit Thailand but I don’t want everyone to think I’m just there
    for the girls 🙁

  11. noam27v

    Who cares what everyone thinks ??? give them the middle finger and enjoy
    Thailand 🙂

  12. exentr

    Pattaya is in development. Lots of families are there. They recommend
    Pattaya. You don’t have to turn into a complete idiot just because you’re
    not at home. You know when you meet tourists and locals that want all well
    for you. Do not listen to drinkers. They live their life no matter. Of
    course there are girls all over but thais are friendly. They want to help
    you. Make friends to hang with. Have dinner together. Go home and say your
    conscience are clean. You had the time of your life.

  13. yourpattayaDotCom

    There is a very informative section about “trannys” in the “Pattaya Bar
    Girls Report download.

  14. yourpattayaDotCom

    Pattaya Bar Girls Report eBook download will answer all those questions and

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