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Documenting the infamous massage street of Patong, Soi Kepsap! These ladies know how to do their work! Click link below to subscribe to my channel: http://ww…

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23 thoughts on “PATONG’s MASSAGE STREET No1 SOI KEPSAP – Phuket Thailand

  1. D4nie1TV

    God tur! Low season is my favourite time to be there… men i år blir jeg
    hjemme 😉

  2. johnny nielsen

    du skal da se video jeg laster op når jeg er tilbake har du prøvet eden
    club bangkok sukhumuvit 7/1 det er en 3 some bar low season er det eneste
    tid på året jeg er afsted

  3. D4nie1TV

    Thanks for watching!! Good idea, I’ll pm you with a suggestion.

  4. theblade66

    Good video thanks it gives me abit more insight into the way things are.
    And not all about the sleazy bars that I still look at lol

  5. D4nie1TV

    Thanks for watching, except from the beach this is my fave place to relax
    during the light hours in Patong 🙂

  6. mothack54

    are those real massage parlor or the happy ending ones cause im going there
    next week and im looking for a real massage place

  7. john doe

    does the 300 baht price come with the happy ending or is that xtra..cheers

  8. Lauder86

    One of the great sois. I stayed on this soi for a week at Tatum Mansion.
    Good location. Only 7min walk to bangla road. The girls on this soi were
    pushy for the first 2 days but soon realised i was staying in the same lane
    so they stopped hassling me. Lot of places asking for 300-400Baht but you
    can barter down to 200B.

  9. theblade66

    Hey when you go back over in dec can you get some footage of the legends
    bar opposite the ibis accomodation

  10. roguemale57

    The massage you are looking for is called a Nuad Thai From wiki-travel: It
    is fairly easy to distinguish legitimate massage shops from more dubious
    places (where massaging is only a front for prostitution); the real deal
    will charge 250-400 baht for a typical two-hour massage and will often have
    a row of beefy farmers’ daughters in white coats working on customers’ feet
    in public view, while the other kind has wispy girls in evening dresses
    wearing too much make-up.. HTH

  11. mothack54

    yeah thanks i just came back and have seen the difference

  12. markflem

    Legends is a very tame bar, really just for drinking and very much
    frequented by Aussies. They dont have any girls dancing, just waitresses
    that aren’t really on the game, but then again nearly every girl over there
    has her price!

  13. D4nie1TV

    Sounds like nothing for me then, I’d go to Australia if I liked that kind
    of place.

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