PATONG NIGHT LIFE 2010. THE SEQUEL. Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

By | November 29, 2013

Also seen on vimeo: Filmed and Edited by Jrbazil Voice overs by Bobalino DJ mix tracklist: 01 Black Eye Pea…

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23 thoughts on “PATONG NIGHT LIFE 2010. THE SEQUEL. Patong, Phuket, Thailand.

  1. keithlamontbraggs

    I hear you ,when your in a land so far away from the 9 to 5 ,and your
    worries back home ,it is a good release to feel such a strong sense of
    freedom and just letting it all hang out.

  2. Jamie Monk

    I live in Phuket but hardly ever go to Patong, not my cup of tea.. But this
    video shows just why it’s so popular!

  3. chomsky889900

    Just had to see it again. For me, this is the number one get-into-partymood
    video. Pure art!

  4. camelexpress20

    I’ll be in phuket for 3 months from december onwards on workbasis…if your
    planning staying longer let me know, Ive been there twice so if you need
    any tips /advise I’m your man lol

  5. Valentin VP

    Was on vacation in Phuket Patong Beach, a magnificent and unforgettable
    holiday, it is Paradise!

  6. Pots Potsmann

    Let’s make at least 1 000 000 views to jrbazil. No matter where and when
    you stayed on Phuket. This video is still the greatest motivation to return
    to this beautiful island.

  7. Chris Alegria

    I love Phuket Patong Thailand, It is must visit place before you die.

  8. Philipp von arx

    great video, great sound that’s patong 😉

  9. Hensen1954 .

    There are actually 2 girls in this video that I have been out

  10. Asianorama

    Bangkok and Pattaya have been my beat since 1995 but this is still the most
    well edited and put together video I have ever seen about the nightlife in
    LOS.A Classic.

  11. Chris Alegria

    I’m traveling there every year doing April, but time of my life is here.

  12. Phuket Video

    PATONG NIGHT LIFE 2010 by JRbrazil 18+

  13. Sunburst75

    Never tire of watching this………….it’s brilliant, can’t way to get
    back to Paradise!

  14. Marcus Kelly

    ajarn 1 try this mate on youtube patong nightlife the movie 2009

  15. Darren Walker

    i would say they look like they from israel or close to that area m8..

  16. Fraser McDonald

    So pumped right now, I move to Patong in 2 weeks 😀

  17. Sunburst75

    Awesome JR, never tire of watching this!! Been back twice in the past few
    months, get it on your bucket list all you guys that have never been to
    Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket!!!!! 🙂

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