Patong Girls

By | December 3, 2013

Patong go-go, bar and karaoke girls are the reason why people come here, try this for more: & http://thailandnightlif…

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25 thoughts on “Patong Girls

  1. bygor221

    Уссатса.мордатые долбоебы специально едут к черту на куличики смотреть на
    ко со глаз ых шлюх и танцующих пидоров.пиздец уроды

  2. jimmy walter

    If Americans didn’t start that thing called vietnam war this fake porn
    disneyland would never have existed 😉

  3. chris hayes

    Ha,ha,ha….I have been to Thailand more than 20 times since Oct 1995….
    Thailand will be never like it used to be 20 years ago but it’s still a
    place for fun!Unfortunately more tourists make prices rising these days….

  4. german411

    Girls are very nice,the guys could use some new face’s.

  5. Mrsinister Yups

    i think it hasn’t been good since about 06 maybe earlier, the place today
    is over priced, thai whores aren’t worth more then 15 bucks tops.

  6. ciriusn

    Over abundance of pussy for hire and sale, it’s a cunt paradise, too bad I
    don’t fancy Asian girls, they are too skinny and got no booty. Brasilian
    girls are the bomb.

  7. german411

    If young guys have to come to Thailand to boink a girl they must be big
    time LOSERS back home.

  8. carsti07

    @german411: Please change you´re name! It´s not a german attitude to talk
    bad about anything and anyone. I hope your future will bring more
    happiness. Maybe one day you will be fine with your past and stop hating on

  9. bennistylez

    but one thing is clear, u can ask all people around the world, EVERYONE
    HATE`S the Russian people, everybody will confirm, they are the most hatest
    nationality of the world!! 98% of those are all mother fuckers… they
    think they are the best, the greatest, cos they are from russia! they are
    nothing, everyone hate´s them!

  10. Little-Boy

    you don’t know german people or india people…^^

  11. ReassuringSmile

    I’m basing this from a cognitive mindset, no alcohol no drugs.

  12. 333165708

    If you mean this particular bar complex.. as I can see 60% total and most
    pole dancers are ladyboys.. and if the whole Patong, Buddha knows…30-40%
    at the beginning of the night and tends to 100% towards the morning

  13. bercko2005

    at 7:58 the worst camel dudes on the planet / go back to your cave

  14. stanley3005

    going to bangkok on the 25 of this month what bar is this i know its in
    patong but whats the name of this bar

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