Patong Beach Nightlife – Bangla Road – Phuket Thailand

By | December 2, 2013

Nightlife at Bangla Road, Phuket Thailand. Shot with Canon EOS 7D 18-135mm.

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25 thoughts on “Patong Beach Nightlife – Bangla Road – Phuket Thailand

  1. thetommygun958

    she obviously knows the words at 2.30

  2. aprirain11

    They are not the real woman<<< lady boy

  3. akderby kam

    LoooooL that lady boy doesn’t know shit from the lyrics cracked me up

  4. cantaluppo

    back last monday from Patong…sooooooooooo sad…. come back there SOON! 😀

  5. cantaluppo

    @fgtrdes pattaya i don’t know (not been there), phuket is… up to you some
    girls ask 1k for a short, some 1k all night, if you’re young and
    goodlooking even less…. some 2 or even 3k (i think it means “no,
    thanks”)…. and i find some askin NOTHING (these are the most dangerous…
    they want to be “your girlfriend”… it means you in future send gifts from
    home, and other stuff like that) pattaya is “same same”? 😀

  6. johnno411

    Just got back from patong 2 days ago I love it so much bangla rd rocks
    especially seductions but all the bars r awesome can’t wait to go bak!!

  7. johnno411

    @thaigolfer khosaen rd in Bangkok is awesome aswell very similar to bangla
    rd both places I really enjoyed also went to pattaya but that’s more for
    dirty ol men who just want young thai girls 🙁

  8. Julian Gonzales

    Great footage. I’m heading out in March and now because of your video that
    is for sure not soon enough!

  9. GCMan407

    Makes me wanna go back to Phuket!! Awesome video!

  10. xxguyx

    cant wait to go back to phuket, it was “interesting indeed” *Grins*

  11. KriisaDrifter

    @crease12s And if you give them some money, you can also see some tits as
    in Duke Nukem.

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