Paste Modern Thai Food – One of The Best Restaurants in Bangkok

By | December 7, 2013

Paste is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok that specializes in extremely high quality modern Thai food. Get all the details here – http://migrationology…


25 thoughts on “Paste Modern Thai Food – One of The Best Restaurants in Bangkok

  1. Mark Wiens

    Incredible modern Thai food at Paste restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand!

  2. Aur Naymed

    Hey Mark, You look great in these recent videos. A couple of videos back
    you looked like something had made u sick. Glad to see that you are doing
    well and continue to provide us with these scrumptious videos! 🙂

  3. KewpieGirl

    Mark, you acted like you had a lot of orgasm when it comes to tasting the
    meal. I love thai food but your meal looks phenomenal!

  4. Keo Homesombath

    Hi Mark, I watched lots of your videos, I am just wondering if all the
    foods that you ate it actually that good??

  5. ascal

    Hi…thanks for posting, you are so funny . We live in Holland and we ‘ll
    visit Bangkok in half of september for 1 week. Are the streetfood in
    Bangkok safe to eat and what is a “must” to see in Bangkok?

  6. Ove Todal

    that face is so convincing! if the food is as great as the expression
    tells, it must be worth 1000 baht

  7. Shane Farley

    whats the website for the restaurant. Ill be in Bangkok in November and
    need to have this stewed pork dish.

  8. angel araque

    was the whole meal 29 – 32? or every dish around that price?

  9. Mark Beingcurious

    i love watching the thai food, but i feel uncomfortable when you make that
    overreacting face

  10. steven brooks

    same here man, absolutely can’t wait to get out there 🙂

  11. Sara Magar

    Yup!! Mark those food the way you eat its make more delicious than looks 🙂

  12. YOYO1729

    Hey Mark first of all u look like a friend of mine and I love ur vids!!!
    Keep up the good work. N ur expressions are to die for 😀 All the best 🙂

  13. Gary T

    Thanks for your recommendation.. just visited and we left very happy

  14. KenOfthewest

    Looks gorgeous. I must admit I’m amazed your so slim, when you enjoy your
    food as much as you obviously do. I put weight on just watching your

  15. taurus ap

    Thai food is so appetizing fresh fresh fresh of all food

  16. taurus ap

    wow I don’t think we can get such recipe in Singapore! 🙁 no pork for me no
    matter how delicious it looks

  17. Mark Wiens

    Thank you so much for watching! Is your friend 1/2 Chinese, or half
    something, like myself!?

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