Pad Thai Goong – Thai Street Food

By | November 28, 2013

Thailand’s famous noodle dish, perfectly prepared at a family operated stall just off Sukhumvit near soi 5/1.

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Pad Thai Goong – Thai Street Food

  1. galaxy2409

    the girl is cooked ugly as fuck fuck thailand most ugly people of the world

  2. Patrik Hátaš

    who has never been in thailand never know how it taste. Thai cuisine is one
    of the best

  3. tingly7654321

    that isnt funny man dont make fun of transvestitesf aggot

  4. Andy Lam

    @Franky Ray Probably chopped onions, minced garlic, peanuts and some sort
    of chili sauce?

  5. mipiacecalcio

    “ถ่ายเห็นแต่เอว” ฮา ~

  6. Supphanat Khumthian

    กว่าจะงวดกว่าจะแห้งนานมาก ถ้าคนเยอะๆคนไม่ทันกิน

  7. LuvTheSnapper

    why is that bitch reaching over the counter…..

  8. IadiiI

    i love it that they still took the time to cook it instead of premade,
    heating then packing.. and that’s asian street food

  9. Why are we here?

    Girls generation behind the kitchen counter hopefully

  10. Claudia Montaña

    Makes me thing that our fast food and traditional food is just boring and

  11. suztheultimateq2011

    This looks faboo! Our local Thai restaurants stink… they are the same as
    the Chinese, Vietnamese…all the same food… all not authentic. We need
    this booth here!

  12. suztheultimateq2011

    I have watched several of these outdoor stands and this one by far looks
    the most tidy and well run. You can tell they take great pride in not only
    the quality of their food but of their stand. This has made me hungry for
    Thai food. Love it!

  13. Healme cuz

    I dunno what she put in at the end 2nd last bowl at the back to the right.
    I looooooove dried onions, hope that’s what it was. =) Yummy

  14. 76guessagain

    the guy in the background is very condescending…he should of just kept
    his mouth shut

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