Our Scorpian Tailed Long Boat Tour

By | July 1, 2013

by Aubrey&Parker
( Bangkok, Thailand)

I thought you were supposed to be navigating this thing!!

I thought you were supposed to be navigating this thing!!

We knew we were taking a boat ride along the Ping River in Chiang Mai, however we had no idea how much fun we would have along the waylearning about the History of this lovely city.

Mr. Samak our host was a wonderful guide and by the end of the tour we made a new friend.

It was truly amazing to see the development of Chiang Mai from the Ping River from the inside of a northern-style boat which was revived by Ms. Songsri Wongvech when she was receiving her Masters Degree at Chiang Mai University.

Mr. Samak and Ms. Songsri together re-built the small fleet in which they now use to give tourists a unique and entertaining cruise along the charming Ping River.

AubParkThailand highly recommends the Scorpion Tailed Boat River Cruise as a “must do” on your Chiang Mai Itinerary.

Learning about the Ping River:
The Scorpion Tailed Boat has a pick up service to bring you right to the Wat Sri Khong’s boat landing.

The river cruise has pictures of several historic places along the river, and you can view the pictures of the past as you cruise along the present course.

It’s wonderful hearing stories and seeing pictures from a century ago while asking questions to how they relate to the present.

Scorpion Tailed Village: – Boat House
We thought we were finished after the boat cruise, but we were delighted to also get a tour of the Scorpion Tailed Village complete with it’s “Boat Houses” which are quaint resort houses with long tailed-boat shaped balconies.

We definitely want to stay here on our next visit to Chiang Mai. The whole village was like a story unraveling as you walked through. Everything we passed was explained with intricate detail by Mr. Samak.

Our tour concluded with yummy mango sticky rice and lychee juice!.

We also saw crafts handmade by Mr. Samak himself, such as coconuts which he has skillfully carved into animals such as monkeys and birds!

A thoroughly entertaining & interesting adventure!.

The Scorpion Tailed Boat
For further details about this fabulous tour please contact our wonderful hosts:

Mr. Samak Laosatirawong & Ms. Songsri Wongwech
Mobile: 081-9609398, 081-9510791.
Website: http://www.scorpiontailed.com
Email: [email protected]
Address: Scorpion Tailed Boat Village, Baan Rua Hang Mang Pong 381/ 1-2 Near Far-Ham, Charoenrad Rd., T. Waket, A. Muang Chiang Mai 5000

Authors Bio: Aubrey & Parker are the winners of the 2009 Ultimate Thailand Explorer competition having selected Chiang Mai as theirUltimate Thailand Explorer destination.

Winners – Ultimate Thailand Explorers 2009