Our Home-Stay – in Mae Kapong Village, Chiang Mai

By | September 10, 2013

by Aubrey and Parker
(Bangkok, Thailand)

A friendly

A friendly “local” from Mae Kapong village

Our favorite memory of our recent trip to Chiang Mai was our stay in Mae Kapong village.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we were on our way there and the Flight of the Gibbon (also an excellent thing you must do if you go to Chiang Mai) is located in the same village.

Really, this place is a village forgotten by time. It has a population of about 900 people and it is a very tight-knit community. Our guide, Anon, took us around the village to see how different people live there.

You are not badgered to purchase anything and people are pretty much going about their daily lives there. There is no internet to be found and no television, families just congregate and spend time with each other.

Anon also took us to see the farming and cultivating side of the town, which has taken to producing excellent coffee and tea. We ventured up into the mountains towering over the village, taking in the stunning view while Anon told us about the surrounding wildlife.

Great video all about our visit….

We learned how the people Live off the Land and don’t need things from Chiang Mai; they are able to produce most everything by themselves.

Lastly, the special thing about this trip was the people. They were all so very friendly and kind towards us and our host family was incredible.

They wanted to spend time with us and even though we couldn’t communicate, their smiles spoke 1,000 words.

I would have to say that Mae Kapong Village is my favorite memory of Chiang Mai!.

Authors Bio: Aubrey & Parker are the winners of the 2009 Ultimate Thailand Explorer competition having selected Chiang Mai as theirUltimate Thailand Explorer destination.

Winners – Ultimate Thailand Explorers 2009

“Our website is proud to have helped support their WINNING entry & wish them every success in the future”. 

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Our Home-Stay –
in Mae Kapong Village, Chiang Mai

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