Opening a Bank Account in Thailand

By | July 5, 2013

by Ali Trebareux


I’m travelling to Thailand shortly and I was wondering if it would be possible to open a bank account there, or is it not allowed?.


Ali, Canada

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Opening a Bank Account in Thailand

Opening a Bank Account in Thailand
by: Kevin – Administration

Hi Ali

Good Morning

Many thanks for your question posted “blog”

To answer your question:

Technically, foreigners are supposed to provide evidence of a work permit to be able to open a bank account in Thailand.

However, this is Thailand! – the banks serve many tourists who wish to put their money into a local bank and use a local ATM account for their stay
here, especially if they’re staying for an extended stay of 1-3 months.

It’s therefore reasonable to expect that a work permit and other documentation are required toopen a CHECKING ACCOUNT,but NOT for a SAVINGS
ACCOUNT tied to an ATM card for withdrawals.

I would therefore suggest that once you arrive in Thailand you visit a branch of a local bank, personally I find both Kasikorn Bank(KB) & Siam Commerial Bank(SCB)to be very responsive towards foreigners.

IF one branch refuses you,don’t get disheartened then just go to another branch of the same bank, or else another bank completely, it’s very rare to be rejected more than twice!.

Most people are actually successful on their first attempt.

Update November2009:
We have just been advised that Bangkok Bank has a bank account especially designed for tourists. Some paperwork involved though.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.