On Arrival Visa Form For Thailand

By | May 25, 2014

APPLICATION FOR VISA ON ARRIVAL Miss. Mrs.. Family name Nationality.. Date and place of issue Expiry date Occupation.. . Permanent of reference in Thailand If accompanied by minor children travelling on the same passport, please give names, dates and places of birth Visa No.

Date of Arrival in Thailand_____ Traveling by (which Airline) _____ Signature Flight No One (1) visa application form duly filled in “Capital Letters” by the applicant to be

Date of Arrival in Thailand . Traveling by . Flight No. or Vessel’s name . Duration of Proposed Stay . Date of Previous Visit to Thailand . Diplomatic Visa Official Visa Courtesy Visa . Non-Immigrant Visa Tourist Visa Transit Visa . Category of Visa: Number of

MYANMAR VISA ON ARRIVAL Date of Commencement – l st June 2012 Types of Visa, Thailand 9. Vietnam 10. Australia 11. China 12. Denmark 13. France 14. Germany 15. professions mentioned in the visa application form. 9.

Please Indicated Type of Visa Requested VISA APPLICATION FORM Royal Thai Consulate General, Adelaide. 10th Floor, 185 Victoria Square, Adelaide Date of Arrival in and Departure from Thailand FOR OFFICIAL USE Application/Visa No. Type of Visa : Diplomatic Visa Traveling by

Filled out and signed Thailand tourist visa application form. The form is enclosed. Date of arrival in Thailand .. .. Length of stay . .. .. Traveling by .. .. .. .. . Date of previous visits to Thailand

3 List of Thailand’s Immigration Checkpoints which provide facilities for issuance of visa on arrival : 1. Don Muang International Airport , Bangkok

May 2014 Pattaya City Expats Club Thailand Application Form and Basic Documents If you entered Thailand on Visa Exempt (15/30 day stay) or Tourist Visa (60 day stay) type of Visa can be found in the Entering Thailand section. Upon arrival, you will be granted a 90 day permission to stay.

APPLICATION FORM Visa Application time 9. 0-12. 0 Hrs Visa Collection time 11. 0-12. 0 Hrs Monday – Friday Part 1 Upon arrival in Thailand, THE ACTUAL LENGTH OF STAY (Starting from the date of entry), shall be determined and

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