Night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

By | November 26, 2013

chiang mai

10 thoughts on “Night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai


    How lond did it take from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and how many stop on route?
    Was that a second compartment and what’s the cost of a return ticket?

  2. thetommygun958

    i would well be banging birds in them little velchroe love dens hahah

  3. payhamonic

    Hey !!! I remember the lady that had a breakfast. She served me dinner and
    breakfast. I think she’s still on this train normally . So this train was
    No.13 ^_^

  4. Nuttee Chanrod

    It’s take about 11-12 hours. The price of this train ( No.1 and No.13 from
    Bangkok to Chaing Mai and return by train No.2 and No.14 have the same
    price. Air-conditioned First Class Day & Night Coach upper bad 1,253 Baht
    lower 1,453 Baht. Air-conditioned Second Class Day & Night Coach upper bad
    791 baht and lower bad 881 baht. Enjoy traveling in Thailand.

  5. Oscar Arias

    The first class car also has a western toilet and shower in addition to the
    squat toilet that the second/third classes get. In just under two months,
    I’ll be doing this same trip, so I’ve done a bunch of research. Getting one
    of the first class cabins..

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