Need Samlor Parts!

By | July 23, 2013

by Thomas C Harrison
(Arkansas, USA)


I purchased a very rare samlor bicycle taxi in the US after looking more than 40 years for one.

I would like to buy spare parts from Thailand. Is there still a business that sells samlor parts for bicycle, not motorycle Samlor’s?.

Thanks for your help.

Thomas C. Harrison

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Need Samlor Parts!

samlor parts
by: g2p retail

hi, we are in samut prakarn outside bangkok, we have just purchased a samlor too, we use for decoration, there are a few small shops around selling parts, let me know what you are looking for, i will ask around for you.

Samlor shop
by: Simon

Hi Thomas,

I bought a saddle in the old mans shop about 3 weeks ago and it is the cleanest shop I have ever been in. He is still repairing Samlors.

Annette at Eagle house ( me where to find it. She may be able to help you.

Good luck Simon

Need Samlor Parts!
by: Tom Harrison

Kevin, I deeply appreciate your efforts in trying to find a shop that can sell me Samlor parts. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Need Samlor Parts
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Thomas

Many thanks for your visit to our website & subsequent questions & congratulations on your purchase of an antique Samlor…..they are a great reminder of the past!.

I am afraid your request to find spare parts for your highly valued samlor is going to be pretty difficult, we still have a few Samlors in Chiang Mai, but as you will read in the article the last Samlor repair shop in Chiang Mai was run by a 74 year old man & the article is dated 2004!!, so it’s highly unlikely that the man is still alive & even more unlikely that the shop is still open!.

The Samlor as you are probably aware has very much been reduced in status to that of a “tourist trip”. In the more popular places in Thailand you will still find a few old but very athletic men who still ply a trade from them bit it’s a fast disappearing event!.

The Tuk Tuk basically a more substantial Samlor with an engine is the modern day version of the Samlor.

If you travel into rural Thailand you will still see large ranks of original samlors in most villages, as they are still the most cost effective way of getting around the towns & villages……but I can only assume they are repaired on a local level by a local person who has probably never heard of the internet & certainly would not have an email address by which you could communicate with him!.

I will be back in Chiang Mai in a few days & will try & have a chat with a couple of local Samlor owners to see what / how they keep their bikes roadworthy!.

I will then email you directly with the results.