National Geographic Live! – Tiger Temple

By | December 5, 2013

Photographer Steve Winter pays an unnerving visit to Thailand’s Tiger Temple. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! http://events.nationalgeographic.c…

tiger temple

25 thoughts on “National Geographic Live! – Tiger Temple

  1. BigMTBrain

    10 Valium per performance and… happy, peaceful tiger.

  2. Shirley Bruynder

    @spoddie at least there is somebody who stand up for those tigers. Save the
    animals from the beasts. They only do it for MONEY

  3. tahitiantraveler1

    Well I hope you guys do realize that USA has tons of zoos and aquarium with
    big killer whales. Tourists love zoos and animals, especially US tourists.
    Theyre the one paying to see that!

  4. bluedasher74

    I agree with what he said, that tigers (and all animals in zoos and in
    tourist attractions) belong in the wild.

  5. tyrone williams

    how can anybody admire such an evil animal it kills other animals in an
    extremely brutal fashion just to eat who ever likes tigers is a fucking
    psycho who needs help

  6. anmoose

    @aliensupremacy2, If you believe these animals are evil, then you have no
    concept at all of the animal world and nature. Humans also kill other
    animals in an extremely brutal fashion just to eat. Do you consider that
    acceptable? Worse yet, humans kill other animals just for the sake of
    killing. Tigers don’t. So what makes us special and them evil?

  7. cal45deserteagle

    if the monks let go of the tigers in the wild specially in Thailand, were
    some of the citizen use tigers as an ingredients in medicine.

  8. Dave Tungsuwan

    This guys fucking ignorant.. Most temples are funded by charity, It’s not a
    way of exploiting the tigers and making money. I come from there. I have
    been there. I live there. They are just protecting the beautiful beasts.


    Between 1:40 & 1:45 I would have told the guy to stop doing that.

  10. sasorideidarart

    @aliensupremacy2 Hey you need to double check yourself and other people
    like poachers: They hunt for MONEY, they kill for MONEY they will do
    anything for MONEY! If you still see them as evil creatures, look at us!

  11. MsQueenLoser

    I may not agree with zoos and keeping wild animals like this but everyone
    watching this has to take into consideration the dangers these cats face in
    their natural habitat. You also have to consider that funding for a “safe
    zone” for these beautiful majestic animals needs to come from somewhere.
    Many people will not donate their money to charity however they are more
    than happy to dish out big bucks to go and see these animals alive, esp in
    captivity(safer for these ppl). sucks but true.

  12. tigerwoodsdeception

    1:06 “Buhddist ideal” 1:39 “come back”” 2:10 “trying to distract”
    Sickening. BLATANT propaganda. Trying to make the populess feel sorry for
    Tigers, to subconsciously force us into acceptance of Tiger Wood’s come
    back on the Golf sircuit.

  13. Nuwinda Udugala

    these are not buddhist monks, these are buddhis money makers, no buddhist
    would like to keep animals in captivity, these kind of monks are every
    where you go specialy in thailand and even in sri lanka. Elephents, tigers
    and etc

  14. 90Kirame

    Bravo! This man clearly knows what he is talking about. And every single
    word is true.

  15. Swizz Beats

    We need to leave wild animals in the wild simple as that. The problem with
    humans is we have to have everything since we are so curious and we can’t
    treat these big cats as puppets they are called “man eaters” for a reason.
    Long live the tiger.

  16. Ngoc Do

    I think you’re the psycho who needs help….better yet you need to be
    educate. You’re those people who got nothing to do but go online and talk
    shit without even thinking…

  17. Mooh Pee

    How many food a tiger eats a day? How much money come from? No government
    support. Please consider. No more forest for tiger. How many tiger in TH
    and world. If you have any question. Going to be volunteer and stay with
    them unless 1 month. NOT only dream and wrong writing.

  18. suteera

    “We cannot exploit the tiger and we cannot treat a tiger as a doll. We must
    have respects for tigers.”. Keep talking. Keep criticizing.. until one day
    no tiger is left in this world. Then you cannot criticize anymore. The end
    of the story. If you love tigers enough. Do something rather than talking
    yada yada yada. What have you done? At least, here tigers are alive for you
    to criticize.

  19. angel lau

    Free the tigers! They have made the tigers into domestic cats by drugging
    them & feeding them vegetarian food. Tigers ROAR not MEOW !!!!!!!

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