Natchan Massage – Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | December 3, 2013

Clean, cool & comfortable. Natchan Massage awaits you just one long block west of the famous Night Bazaar, across the street from the popular Imperial Mae Pi…

chiang mai

6 thoughts on “Natchan Massage – Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. astridwevers

    Beautiful!!! Chanthana the best there is!! xxxx from Holland from Astrid

  2. MrPapa1954

    Perfect atmosphere for Thai & Oil massages with a lovely caring staff that
    meet you at the door. My wife & I had a massage daily when in Chiang Mai
    during the last two weeks. We will be going back in December 2011 & look
    forward to a daily visit again. Thankyou for making our holiday so
    relaxing. Love Papa & Mama xxxxx

  3. 0895541289

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    you’re doing well

  4. 0895541289

    will power I wish you good your business

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