Nana Hotel Parking Lot Girls — Bangkok Thailand Night Life

By | November 23, 2013

CLICK link to see Thai girls in the Nana Hotel parking lot.. NaNa Hotel Parking Lot Girls are a large part of the Sukhumvit area …


25 thoughts on “Nana Hotel Parking Lot Girls — Bangkok Thailand Night Life

  1. wondermega4ever

    In thailand:40 bucks…you get laid and you decided (if the girl is
    honest). In the West, for 40 have a “you are such a nice guy”

  2. zoo001able

    i miss nana soi cowboy spent 10 yrs living in thailand fucking lovd evry
    minute of it.

  3. jungyew

    What time is the best to pick up at the Nana Carpark?

  4. Ben McCrea

    6 weeks time I will be on the flight from Heathrow to Bangkok. Galleria 10
    booked for 5 nights. Can’t wait!

  5. Julier Cesar Balladares

    wow they are beautiful can’t wait to be there…

  6. shine key

    i was exactly in dat place on april 13 nana station sukhumvit LOL it was

  7. The Surreal

    how much for a full night with any of these ladies???

  8. zoo001able

    go at 9 pm to pass time n have a drink at any of those bars overlooking the
    carpark by 11 the carpark should be full fri – sat the best times always!

  9. zoo001able

    soi cowboy soi nana are the place to be but avoid ALL gogo bars in patpong
    except badabing which i must share is THE best gogo bar the girls are
    really good lookers who knows how to dance n talk n care for a tourist but
    prices range from 2500 baht for short time negotiable! whole nite its 3000
    baht but its worth evry fukin penny!

  10. zoo001able

    the 1st girl that he talk to IS the kind of girl i always look for when in
    bkk! chirpy smiley n all round cutey very responsive n open all sign of
    moneys worth in bed!

  11. none

    more than that.. like 2500 baht at least.. they could make much more than
    1000 baht doing short time with several customers for 1000-1500 baht each
    during the night rather than spending it only with you…

  12. Chris Heffernan

    dayum da chick @ 0.19 in the olive vest and daisy dukes is smoking hot. Id
    bang her any day.

  13. Leslie Thompson

    I was just in bkk 2 days ago and ducked my ass off two girls a day then
    went to Pattaya and its even cheaper every bloke needs to get a soapy
    massage hahahaha I love Thai land

  14. Baal Mor

    best place when you’re old and your wife leaves you

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