My trip to Koh Samui, Thailand Part 02

By | December 1, 2013

Some Video I took (and Sean took) while on the beautiful Island of Koh Samui (Ko Samui), Thailand. Also includes footage of Koh Toa and Koh Nanyuang. All Mus…

koh samui

11 thoughts on “My trip to Koh Samui, Thailand Part 02

  1. Marcel Tat

    The start was good,but to short of steady shots and you change to mutch but
    samui is a very nice island, Thanks

  2. FreezingLifesVideos

    I had about 14 hours of footage so had to cut and change so much to try and
    make it watchable – sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Also a lot of the VIDEO was
    done by my friend and it took him a while to get used to being steady with
    the camera :p

  3. sue pansamut

    Thank you so much that you like my country..!! ..

  4. FreezingLifesVideos

    I love Thailand and the people, but most of all the food 🙂

  5. FreezingLifesVideos

    Thanks for that – I struggled getting the cam steady on the cars/boats etc
    and because it was a holiday I did not take the tripod :s

  6. FreezingLifesVideos

    Yes Sue, visiting Samui and meeting such wonderful people has changed my
    life for the better – I’d come live there if I could 🙂

  7. Barry rayson

    Not sure the Japanese music works,plenty of Thai music out there to use.

  8. Derek Baird

    great video… i love samui .i have been going for last six years .&
    heading back in feb 2014…on emirates glasgow to dubai then bangkok on to
    samui. cant Wait.

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