My Thai Buddhist Wedding!

By | November 14, 2012

by snu70

Beautiful Lily Flowers for Buddhist Wedding

Beautiful Lily Flowers for Buddhist Wedding

We got married in Chiang Mai and had a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding!.

Our package was only $1,500 Canadian and it included the wedding attire, hairdresser/make-up person, jewelry, photographer, translation of marriage certificate, accommodation, temple, monks, dinner, Thai musicians, fire balloons(Chiang Mai Lanterns) and even an elephant!! It was absolutely amazing!.

We LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Chiang Mai!,I personally loved the night bazaar, our trips to the hill tribe villages, trekking, bamboo rafting down the river, tuk tuk rides, the flower parade, Thai boxing, the food! food! food! and our Thai cooking class at Gaps Guest house!

I wish I would have stayed longer in Chiang Mai!!, but maybe I will next time.

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My Thai Buddhist Wedding!

Thai Buddhist Wedding
by: Anonymous

I booked it through:

It was sooooooooooooooo awesome and the people were fantastic! If you have anymore questions just let me know!

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by: tasha

could you tell me who u booked your wedding through? thanks!! Tasha