My Short But Memorable Stay in Chiang Mai

By | January 7, 2014

by James David Jones
(Adelaide, Australia)

Karen Hill Tribe child playing in the tree.

Karen Hill Tribe child playing in the tree.

During one of my many trips to Thailand I decided to travel up to Chiang Mai.I had heard a lot about the area but never considered going there.

I travelled up by train which was a great clickerty clackerty experience in itself.
The best part of the journey was as the train weaved around themountains as we got close to the end of the journey.

I had not booked prior accommodation, so I allowed the taxi driver to drop me somewhere comfortable, clean and cheap.
He dropped me off at the Lai Thai hotel, well it was more like a mini resort.

It was very comfortable, clean, had a lovely swimming pool and the staff were very helpful.It was cheap too.

I booked the taxi for the next day to do some sight seeing. The cost was about $20 AUD for six hours.. bargain!!.

I wanted to go see the hill tribes.
He took me to see the Karen Hill tribe.I paid my entrance fee, then wandered around the village, going into the huts, talking with the long neck girls and taking pictures of the children playing in the gardens and climbing trees.

This was the highlight of my short trip to Chiang Mai, I will return to go deeper into the area to see more of the local traditions.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful place I will allow more time on my next visit.