My Shih Tzu Needs A New Home!

By | May 16, 2013

by Amandine Elda Gaudenzi
(Chiang Mai)

Can you help my little Shih Tzu puppy Elky?

Hi there

I am currently living in Chiang Mai and I have a puppy dog that I love and I want to keep.

Unfortunately, my business is doing really really badly and I think that I may have to actually leave Thailand.

I started the process for taking Elky the puppy back to France with me but they say it is too young and I dont know what to do?.

I prefer staying here and be starved rather than leaving it just in the street. First, do you know someone who will be interested in it?.

If not, I will keep it and I will find a solution but if I can and I certainly won’t just leave this poor puppy in the street like sometimes I can see.

These poor Soi Dogs are all so dirty, full of fears and they also look really unhappy, I can’t do it to this lovely puppy, I would rather have poor Elky put to sleep than face that fate!.

If I give the dog away, it is only to nice people that can afford to pay for all the health treatments and vaccine. The dog almost has all his vaccination and if needed I pay for the rest.

It is a male called Elky, really sweet, it does not bite and has 4 monthsold now. It is a Shih Tzu very adorable.

He is bigger now but still look the same. Many thanks for your help and I hope to have some happy news very soon.

Please could you try & help me as I am desperate and really sad about this situation.

Best regards,

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My Shih Tzu Needs A New Home!

Shih Tzu Puppy Needs New Home
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Amandine

Many thanks for contacting us through our website, we will publish your post immediately and see if we can find any interest in little Elky.

Dear Readers
If you reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand & can help Amandine by finding a caring & loving home for her Shih Tzu puppy Elky, please make initial contact by clicking the Contact Us link, we will pass all enquiries directly to Amandine, who will then contact you.

Thanks in advance.

Website Administration

Shih Tzu
by: Chris

I can take the Shih Tzu immediately if it is suited to our family.

Thanks so much,

Note From Editor: Shih Tzu already has a new home, but thank you for your interest.