My New $200 a Month Apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | November 21, 2013

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15 thoughts on “My New $200 a Month Apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. SparksHealth

    Superb, great vids,,and great tips cheers

  2. Rebecca Smith

    We will be there in December. Please give contact for this nice apartment!

  3. Johnny FD

    Huay Kaew apartments are old, but there are a lot of them and they have a
    website and are cheap. The place I found doesn’t have a name or a website
    and the owner doesn’t speak english so I don’t want to give our her
    information on here, especially since there are only 8 rooms and I don’t
    want her being bombarded with inquires. There are tons of apartments like
    the one I filmed in Chiang Mai. You just need to walk around visit all of
    the small buildings.

  4. stitchergary

    That looks exactly what I’d be looking for when I live in Thailand. The
    price sounds great. Less than 3 years and RETIREMENT at age 60. Appreciate
    you giving this look into your life and good luck to you….gary

  5. Jim Hollywood

    I’ll see you over there! I’m looking at 2 more years until I retire, also
    at 60. Slowly learning some of the language, alphabet etc.. I cannot wait!

  6. Andrew Gore

    I agree with you completely. Johnny, is there aircon?. What major shopping
    is nearby?

  7. Andrew Gore

    I see there is aircon. Nimmanhaemin road is a very nice area to live. There
    are resorts there that charge $300 a NIGHT

  8. MrShnazer

    condos are better to rent,your utilities are cheaper,apartments also make
    money on your water and lights.Plus most condos have free gyms and swimming

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