My Holiday Shortlist Tips

By | January 6, 2014

oldjunkDo you keep a ‘future holiday destinations shortlist’ in your head like I do? I hope so, I hope everyone plans to travel the globe even if it’d take a few decades to go everywhere. That’s why the luxury of seeing lots of different places on one holiday, all with minimum effort on my part, seems like a dream. Which is why there is one particular type of holiday I have always wanted to go on – a cruise.

Prompted by the misery of another cold January, I’ve begun researching cheap cruises for 2013, has given me plenty of ideas for where my first holiday at sea should be: Africa, Bermuda, Western Europe…I’m already planning which cocktail dresses will suit which climate – chiffon for Africa, sequins for Bermuda.

Hopefully, I can find the glamour of a celebrity cruise on a cheap cruise budget. For example, P&O Cruises offers some of the best cruise packages around, but all with reasonable prices. Not to mention the luxury of the fleet itself – the ships are renowned for evoking old-school glamour while providing every modern facility you could ever need.

Which does perhaps reveal my true reason for wanting to go on a cruise: the indulgence of never having to do my own washing up! The idea of food and drink available at every corner to charge to my room seems like pure heaven.

So maybe I’ll push the boat out this year and find a cruise deal for a world trip – 100 nights of blissful relaxation and 100 days of being spoilt and pampered by fully trained, carefully attentive crews. I can even pretend that I’ll make full use of the onboard gym facilities but I know there’s more chance of me propping up a cocktail bar until 6am than getting to a gym at 6am for a workout.

Let’s hope 2013 steers me to a few of these ports, and if it does I’ll send you a postcard!.